5th March 2022 - Wick

5th March 2022 - Wick

Before I go into what we did today, please can I just say THANK YOU to everybody who replied to my post yesterday. You all said such nice things, I never ever expected it to create such a response! I always said I was going to try and be honest about everything good and bad… because I want Eve (and every child and adult) to be able to be honest and I believe in leading from the front and by example!  On that note, my emotions are like a rollercoaster, but Eve just can’t help but to make me smile. On this trip, I am definitely the weak link, eve is a Trojan horse… I don’t know how she does it! Anyway, Sarah is coming up tomorrow and I feel like a child on Christmas Eve. I am so excited I can feel my chest and stomach cramping at the thought of seeing her and holding her, I can’t wait!!!

Ian & Eve, Keiss, 5th March
Eve, Sinclair’s Bay

Well, today started with a short but intense hail storm, but it soon cleared to a bright blue sky. There was still a chilly breeze all day as you expect in this part of Scotland. It felt a little bit like spring and we tried to spot the daffodils starting to poke through the ground.

We started off again exactly where we stopped yesterday in Keiss, where we walked towards the harbour and onto the beautiful beach at Sinclair’s Bay. It was like a picture postcard! If you are ever this way it’s well worth visiting.

Eve had her first small cry today, as we had to ford a river that goes into the sea. It wasn’t deep or fast flowing but it was rocky and coupled with the cold she hurt her foot on a rock! I quickly dried her feet and got socks and shoes back on and we had cuddles. I felt terrible for her!

Anyway the beach was amazing as I have said, and we made slow progress, by choice, and it was so nice to walk with out the fear of being blown off a cliff or cut with barbed wire.

I let eve play, we dug a hole, made foot prints, wrote messages in the sand and generally tried to chill.

Eve, Sinclair’s Bay
Eve, Wick

After leaving the beach we followed the coast through some fields, disturbing a massive flock of sheep, saw our first lambs, and even had a request for a our photograph after meeting a very cute dog and getting talking to the family.

We soon found ourselves on the main road into Wick, that even had a pavement so we could walk in relative safety. We both had a cooked breakfast (vegan for me) for dinner before being picked up to go to our pod for the night!

The pod is awesome, the view is the best in the area. Check it out at www.caithnesscampingpods.com. The lady who owns them (Gabrielle) is without the doubt the most friendly, kind and hospitable person you could ever meet! She showed us around her small holding, what the different fruits that they are growing and where the birds nest… they have big plans and best of all, it’s all eco friendly! It’s also a great location for the NC500 which is also on Sarah’s wish list, so I’m sure we will be back! Anyway… I hope you all had a great day and have a good night!

We currently sat in bed eating crisps, talking about life…!

Have a good one.

Eve & Ian

Caithness Camping Pods
Eve, cooked breakfast for dinner!

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