Charity Adventure 2023

After our successful year raising more than £20k for the charity by hiking from Dunnet Head to Lizards Point (via John o' Groats to Lands End), we have set off again. This time on an even bigger and more challenging charity adventure!

Charity Adventure 2023

We are so excited to be able to finally tell you what we have planned for the start of 2023, and we think is amazing... we hope you do as well! It is a big step up in difficulty, both physically and logistically, from our charity adventure last year, and we hope you will all come along with us for the journey!

On Monday the 23rd of January 2023, Eve and I set off on a 1952 mile backpacking adventure, to hike all 29 of Scotland's Great Trails raising money for Scottish Autism whilst challenging stereotypes and stigma surrounding Autism.

We had only had a few weeks to plan this one because Eve kept changing her mind, but she finally settled on this one, and we couldn't be happier!

Scotlands Great Trails will take us all over Scotland, where we will be hiking some of the most challenging terrain, through some of the most magnificent scenery that Scotland has to offer. We know it won't be easy, and we know we will face huge emotional, mental, physical and practical challenges along the way, but with your support, we know we can do this!

Scotland's Great Trails

1952 miles of adventure & challenge that will take us all across Scotland, and you are all welcome to come along on the journey...


Scotlands Great Trails are a collection of 29 long-distance hiking trails that total 1952 miles in distance. These trails are Scotland's 'official' long-distance trails. We plan on hiking them all, in one continuous journey, going from one trail to another only stopping for essential or practical purposes.

We will also be completing the Great Glen Canoe Trail. Although this isn't a hiking trail, it is one of the official 29 great trails of Scotland, therefore we will be completing it as part of our charity adventure!

Discover Scotland’s finest long-distance trails, compare routes, find support services, maps and guidebooks - Scotland’s Great Trails
Learn more about Scotland’s finest long-distance trails, compare routes, find support services, maps and guidebooks.

Scotland's Great Trails

Scottish Autism

This year we are trying to raise £10000 for Scottish Autism & help challange the stigma attached to (our) neurodiversity.

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Scottish Autism is an amazing charity that supports people who are neurodiverse as well as their families and carers, but it goes so much deeper than that!

Undiagnosed females are 9 times more likely to commit suicide!!!

The mental health impact autism and neurodiversity have on individuals, their families and communities can't be overstated. Autism is just one small part of the mental health epidemic that goes largely unseen throughout our country.

Scottish Autism work hard every day supporting and educating people about the impact and effects of neurodiversity. They also work closely with the government to develop legislation and importantly, challenge the stigmas of neurodiversity and mental health, of which I am personally very passionate about!

They can't do this alone, however, and can only continue with your help and the support of people like you and us. Please help us, to support them to be there for you and your family now and in the future! Thank you.

Autistic father & daughter walk 1900 miles, completing all 29 of Scotland’s Great Trails | Our Spectrum Adventures
Help Ian Alderman raise money to support Scottish Autism

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How to share in the adventure?

We will be writing, blogging and vlogging every day on our Facebook page and right here on our website where you can Subscribe for free, and have everything we write emailed directly to your inbox so you don't miss anything!

How can you help?

We have 4 ways that you can support us. You can subscribe to our website, donate at Just Giving, Support us at GoFundMe Me and of course, Buy Me a Coffee for the occasional caffeine or hot chocolate.

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You can also share what we are doing with friends, family and colleagues as well as join the discussion and leave us a comment on any post.

Autism and us...

As some of you already know, both Eve and I are autistic, having received a formal diagnosis through the NHS Scotland. Together we also represent two underrepresented groups within the neurodiverse community; young girls and late-diagnosed adults. The challenges autism presents us, as well as the often overlooked impact this has on Sarah, are all hidden behind closed doors, with this adventure we hope to open those doors for you all to see!

Thank you. for any support you can offer, we honestly can't thank you enough. We hope we can make you proud and look forward to talking (or meeting) you on the trail. Ian

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