2023 Charity Adventure

2023 Charity Adventure
Ian and Eve on the West Highland Way

We are so excited that at last we can tell you what were doing for 2023, and we think its epic!

So it's with great excitement that I can tell you that on Monday the 23rd of January 2023, Eve and I will set off on a 1900-mile backpacking adventure, to thru-hike all 29 of the Scotland's Great Trails (hopefully) completing them by 2024.

Our charity for this year is Scottish Autism

We have only had a few weeks to plan this one, as Eve changed her mind from our original plan for 2023... its been a manic few weeks planning and preparing (including developing this website)

Scotland's Great Trails

These trails will take us all over Scotland, where we will be hiking some of the most challenging trails, through some of the most magnificent scenery that Scotland has to offer. It will not be easy and we will face challenges with every step, but with your help and support, I know we will succeed! You can read more about the Scotland's Great Trails on there website at www.scotlandsgreattrails.com

Scottish Autism

On our Scottish adventure we will be raising awareness of autism, challenging stereotypes and stigmas around neurodiversity, and fundraising for Scottish Autism. You can read more about Scottish Autism on their website at  https://www.scottishautism.org/

You can donate on our Just Giving page be clicking the button below.

How can you follow is?

We will be blogging, vlogging and writing about every step, every day for the whole 1900 miles. We will also be posting at least once a day on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We hope you will come with us to sharing in the adventure as we expernce  highs and lows, of which there will be many!

Autism and us

As some of you already know, both Eve and I are autistic, having received a formal diagnosis through the NHS Scotland.

Together we also represent two under represented groups within the neurodiverse community; young girls and late diagnosed adults.

The challenges autism presents us, as well as the often overlooked impact this has on Sarah, is all hidden behind closed doors.

With our 2023 adventure we want to open the doors and share with you our struggles in a raw and unfiltered way, whilst demonstrating our strengths as both individuals and a family.

If you would like to support us on our journey this would be absolutely amazing and we honestly can’t thank you enough.

How to support us?

If you would like to support us (and it would be awesome if you did) we have several ways that you can donate...

  1. Donate to Scottish Autism by visiting our Just Giving page by clicking the button below

2. Donate to help us replace worn-out clothes, equipment, food etc during our hike by visiting our Go Fund me page by clicking the button below

3. Buy us a coffee (or hot chocolate/ice cream for Eve) on our journey via Buy Me a Coffee by clicking the button below

4. Subscribe to our website and receive all posts and our newsletters direct to your inbox by clicking the button below. Here you can also choose to subscribe to one of our subscription packages and receive even more...

Thank you for your amazing support and we can't wait to share this adventure with you.

See you all soon and of course THANK YOU!

Ian, Sarah & Eve