Welcome to 2024 & the first Q&A of the year!

Questions and Answers (Q&A's)

Welcome to 2024 & the first Q&A of the year!
This a post for paid members because it involves a personal video response from us to anybody who comments with a question.

As I write to you, sitting at the kitchen table wearing fingerless gloves, there's a hard frost outside coating everything with a thick layer of ice reflecting the low sun like a mirror straight through the window and onto my face. It's beautiful and feels warm against my skin, but also blinding as I try to look at the computer screen to check what I'm writing.

January always feels like a slow month after the energy of Christmas and New Year. Sarah had her birthday yesterday, which always feels like the last 'hurrah' of the year, albeit at the start of the new year! The next big event on the calendar is Eve's birthday!

The reason I'm writing to you this morning is to ask you a question. More specifically to ask you if you wanted to ask us a question.