3rd & 4th March 2022 - towards Keiss

3rd & 4th March 2022 - towards Keiss

Day 3 & 4 | Pure Emotion…!!!

One of the reasons for doing this walk was to give Eve a once in a lifetime opportunity!

However, for me being away from Sarah is soul destroying.

I have said to Sarah if what I feel for her isn’t love, I never want to feel it as the pain would be inhuman. This is genuinely hard for me to say as I never ever talk about emotions, but I have cried everyday and every night due to being away from Sarah. She is my soul mate and along with Eve the very reason that I live, and right now I am genuinely struggling with being parted from her!

I know I have Eve with me, but she is my daughter, not my wife and a parent’s job from the moment the child is born is all about letting go… from breastfeeding to seeing them start their own family… it’s different, I want her to fly far and it’s up to us to give her wings and direction!

Eve, beach

Basically I love Sarah and I am genuinely, deeply struggling being parted from her (as I know she is from us) and I must confess I don’t know how long I will be able to manage being away from her! If you have any advice I really need to hear it!!!

Anyway… we left Sarah at John o’Groats and the weather was harsh. The met office predicted gusts of up to 50mph! I was not taking Eve on the cliff tops in that weather so I made a detour and went via the road (more road walking) to where I hoped to camp! However, the whole area was covered in loads of barbed wire so we had to press on… I eventually found a small sheltered area behind a wall! We put the tent up and hid from the weather!

The John o’ Groats trail should really be called the barbed wire trail, the farmers really don’t want people on their land. Under foot, there is no path… just aim in the general direction of the south! Doing this walk we are not trying to complete the various routes like the John o’ Groats trail, it just seemed to serve our needs, but I am having to seriously revise our route as it’s taking too much out of us.

Eve and I have walked many long distance trails… but the John o’Groats trail is nothing like any of them. I have never felt ‘in danger’ but on this route there were sections that are… so we went over barbed wire and fields to avoid the cliffs. Eve is amazing and never moaned once! Anyway we finished the day road walking as we both had enough of the barbed wire, wind and rain on the cliffs. We did manage to find a wee pub in Keiss for a coffee and a juice and chocolate bar for Eve. Thank you all for your donations to our ‘buy me a coffee’ fund. It definitely helped us today.

Right now I am in bed eating dinner and talking to eve about the water vapour that we breathe out!

Evepub, Keiss

Sorry there aren’t many pictures but most of the time I had hold of Eve!

Bring on tomorrow… I need some sleep!!!

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