Get Involved

Get Involved

To everyone who wants to be involved we thank you from the bottom of our hearts 💖 Without your help Our Spectrum Adventures wouldn’t be possible and we absolutely love that so many of you are already following along on our journey with us. On this page you’ll find more ways to get involved.

We share posts everyday on Facebook (with photos) about where we’re up to, what problems we’ve come up against, highs, lows, emotional wobbles etc. so if you want to involve yourself in our journey make sure you follow us on our page. We also post on Instagram so you can find us there too!

Lots of love, Ian, Sarah & Eve

Rough estimation of our full route

We’ve made it 👍 Wow! 1300 miles in all weather. What an amazing achievement for Eve. I’m so proud of her. I just want to say THANK YOU again to everybody who has donated to us on Buy Me a Coffee, Go Fund Me and Pay Pal… without that we could not be getting the treats we’ve been getting… so THANK YOU… genuinely THANK YOU!

Meet us

Come and meet us anywhere on our journey. We’re not working to a fixed schedule so we can’t guarantee exactly when we’ll be in certain places but if you click the current location button you’ll see where we’re up to:

Mission accomplished: Arrived at Lizard Point on 17th Nov 2022

We’ve already had wonderful people recognise us & chat or give us gifts. On 6th March two lovely young ladies recognised us and gave Eve a bag of chocolate buttons. A few days later we were recognised by a lady in a 4×4 who pulled over, had a nice chat with us and gave us both a meal deal. Our followers are just fantastic!

Meal deal lady!
Chocolate button ladies!

Every little bit really does help & we appreciate each and every gesture 💟

Beautiful pod –

Help us out in our hour of need!

Obviously our plan right from the start was to camp out at places along our trek but alas the British weather had other ideas! The weather was so awful & the wind so strong that for a few nights we weren’t able to pitch our tent. We were so overwhelmed by the hospitality and kindness shown to us by Gabrielle of, who let us stay in one of her fabulous pods. They even gave Eve a gift from their hazel tree.

Gabrielle, Ian & Eve –

Similarly, we were shown huge amounts of generosity by Ryan of who let us stay in his beautiful house for a couple of nights.

View from
Eve at
Eve painting stones in the kitchen

Help find Eve’s OSA Rocks

Back in 2020, when we were in lockdown, Eve spent time painting and hiding rainbow 🌈 rocks in the local community. She loved it and it gave her a sense of connection to others. A friend suggested that she should hide some on our current walk, so Sarah & Eve painted loads of Autism Awareness rocks in our kitchen. Eve carries a few at a time and Sarah brings new supplies when we meet up. We’ve created a Facebook page for people to post their pictures on if they find one. Then they re-hide them for someone else to find. So go join in the fun!

Eve – Dunnet Head

Honestly, from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your kindness, helpfulness and generosity is overwhelming. If you’d like to help us on our journey then even a small donation (towards day to day costs) or a cup of coffee (for me! or a treat for Eve) is a massive help. Just hit the buttons below: