What have we done…? We’ve just SOLD our campervan!

What are we thinking? Apart from 'OMG' (yes, I know that acronym reduces my IQ to single digits), but seriously... just 30 hours after deciding to sell, it was being driven away never to be seen again!

What have we done…? We’ve  just SOLD our campervan!
Our new (old) campervan 😢 “we will miss you”

As most people know, we love... loved, our campervan! We have had our ups and downs together, but as with any good relationship, it takes effort and sacrifice. After all, relationships are not that difficult as long as everybody is putting in the effort.

We started to feel that we (Sarah) were putting in too much effort, for too little return, for what should have been a romance made in heaven. The van was, in our opinion, a glorified tent, or a portable pod... glamping!

A go anywhere, do anything, kinda relationship. One free of the restrictions that come with hotels, Airbnb and campsites. Manly being static and of course... expensive.

The campervan was, or should have been ideal for our lifestyle. Simple, easy, effective and budget-friendly. Turn up somewhere, anywhere (virtually), throw down the bed and chill, whilst watching the sunset over the horizon. How romantic... but romance is for Hollywood and social media influencers, not a family of 3, large, neurodiverse people who like and need their space.

But that's not the reason we sold it!

We are stubborn and committed. It takes a lot for us to throw in the towel, and we definitely hadn't done that! We work with what we have and make it work, and it did. Just not in the way we had hoped.

So why did we sell our campervan...?

Well, that takes us into a whole new realm of adventure planning and timing.

If you had to sell a campervan, when would sell it?

The start of summer seems like a pretty good time to me. What with the sun rising higher in the sky, days getting longer, and the new leaves bursting into luscious shades of green... perfect time to start thinking about getting away from the humdrum of life in a cute little campervan.

But now for the serious part...

When we purchased the campervan last August, we invested a substantial percentage of our savings to buy it. We did not take the decision to buy it lightly, and we didn't make the decision based on impulse. It was a constructive, thought-out, pragmatic decision that was, at the time, the right one.

But things change and so have we!

Basically... we needed the capital back. Not because we are in dire financial straits, but because we need it to reinvest it in our next adventure.

Now... that does beg the question... "what is the next adventure?"

Before we jump the gun... (I don't like that pun it sounds...dangerous, sorry I digress) we are not even halfway through this 2023 charity adventure, and we still have a LONG way to go yet. Over 1400 miles to be precise.

So...the next adventure will have to wait for another day and another post!

But as we have said before, the few things we do know is next year's adventure will be together, it will be bigger and it will be radically different to the last couple of years!

So, that's it for now. I am sure I will write again very soon as I have a lot to say.

Take care and see you soon.