West Highland Way | Day 10

West Highland Way | Day 10

Another day on the West Highland Way. 9 more miles ticked off, tent pitched, dinner eaten and Eve busy doing some education stuff whilst I write this post.

We’re a little surprised we got finished as early as we did today given the late start at Tyndrum after yesterdays pause.

Eve slept in this morning (and is currently yawning… and so am I now!), coupled with a 90 minute drive meant we didn’t actually start walking until about 10 am.

We started at the Green Welly Stop in Tyndrum making use of the their toilets before heading off.

Whilst we were there I finally succumbed with some influence from Sarah and purchased a better pair of gloves and Sarah also encouraged me to carry a fingerless pair she had to see how I got on. It worked well despite me insisting it wouldn’t. We FaceTimed each other and I forgot to take the gloves off with lots of laughter and a few jibes from Sarah coming my way. Worst of all Eve joined in and continued even after we hung up from Sarah!

Leaving Tyndrum it felt cold and dull as we were under a huge cloud, but it soon blew over and we were bathed in bright sunshine.

I’m not sure if the photographs will show it but we were putting layers on and off all day long. As soon as a cloud came over the temperature dropped but then warmed up to a point of being hot when it blew over.

Currently the sky is blanketed in cloud with fog predicted for tomorrow. Sometimes having cloud at night is a good things as it means it’s going to be warmer and hopefully a slight breeze.

When camping we like a slight breeze as it helps prevent the dreaded condensation on the inner fly sheet of the tent but also to keep the tent inside feeling fresh and less stuffy.

The trail was easy for most of the day. There was only a very small section of wet rock that we had to take extra care on. It was a simple walk following well marked paths and trails.

The views opened up a lot more today and we really felt that we were coming into the wild Scottish highlands. It feels good but also quite unforgiving.

Sarah regularly reminded us if there are any issues to just phone. I wouldn’t hesitate to call her if needed and it’s nice having that fall back option. It also makes Sarah sleep better as well knowing we wouldn’t suffer pointlessly. Equally we are always here for Sarah who can turn up anytime, unannounced and for any reason, which she has done before in the past, much to Eve’s delight!

The walk out of Tyndrum had us going up a slight incline but nothing severe and contouring around Beinn Dorian.

This section is very easy albeit a small section where the path follows a rocky trail under a small bridge and onto another well made trail.

We met a lot of walkers including a lot of dogs that Eve enjoyed petting if given the opportunity!

We stopped for a small break and ate some bagels by the river before continuing on. Eventually we reached Bridge of Orchy.

At Bridge of Orchy we popped into the hotel that’s on the main road to use their toilets and to get a drink. Eve had a J2O and I had a coffee. Thank you to everybody who has donated to us on Buy Me a Coffee as we used some of these funds today. Thank you!

We sat outside and drank them and had a snack from our food bag. When we first sat down we were the only ones but by the time we left there was a queue for a table. We would have stayed longer but the noise of the groups of motorcycles coming passed was cutting us like a knife. Eve was finding it uncomfortable and so was I. We walked on.

The next section would take us up a wee hill that have gave some of the best views we had all day.

We took it slow but had to pause for a few minutes to sort a blister that was forming on one of Eve’s feet.

Before long we were walking again dropping onto the road passing the Inveroran hotel.

We carried on walking until we found a lovely wee wild camping spot that’s hidden out the way, we pitched the tent and got the kettle on. Eve spent time playing which was loveky to see

Dinner this evening was a three course banquet of soup followed by packet pasta and cheese with Easter chocolate for pudding!!!

We’re planning on an early night this evening ready to cross Rannoch Moor and find somewhere to camp.

I’m about to help Eve with some reading so have a great night and we will see you in the morning.

Sleep well

Ian, Eve and Sarah

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