I CANT believe I'm writing this already! - 2024 Adventure Challenge...

If there is one thing we are not short of and that is ideas! The plan for next year (2024) is radical, and our biggest, most diverse and most challenging adventure by far... The thing is, we don't have any clue where it might actually lead us... internationally!!!

I CANT believe I'm writing this already! - 2024 Adventure Challenge...
Photo by GeoJango Maps / Unsplash

It was only a few days ago that we sold our campervan and to be honest, Sarah and I are not over the shock (or upset). It's not that we sold the van, but for us, it was such a big decision that we acted upon immediately, no procrastination, just action, and it was sold, just like that... gone!

The campervan was always more Sarah's thing than mine and she has felt a real emotional loss. The upset isn't for the loss of the van, but for the loss of the idea, the feeling of a 'van life', the freedom, albeit romanticised.

However... emotions aside, selling the van was essential to release some funds for the next big adventure, which is what this post is ultimately going to start to tell you about.

I should add a caveat, a disclaimer, that it is still very early days, and we are still thinking and talking about what the future holds. We haven't set anything in stone yet (unlike the 2015 general election 'Edstone', and that didn't really work out very well... Where did the Edstone end up anyway? Hmmm, I think some investigative Googling might be in order).

What we do have written in a metaphorical stone is the following three criteria:

  1. We will be doing it as a family. All three of us will be together for this one. Sarah has missed out on too much, for too long!
  2. It will not be hiking-centric. Ideally, it will be as radically different to hiking tracks and trails as we can make it!
  3. Challenge. Not necessarily physically, but defiantly mentally. We want to be pushed out of all of our comfort zones!

So, based on these criteria, we have come up with this primary idea and we are all very excited about it.

I feel it will take a lot for this plan, this idea, to be changed... although we have a lot of planning left to do!

(((...DRUM ROLL...)))


We will be..........