Radio interview #1

Radio interview #1

We were invited to do a 'radio' interview by a lovely young girl called Tayah as part of her media degree

We met up with her whilst we were walking the Clyde Walkway in Glasgow

We decided to meet at a coffee shop, Cafe Nero, for the interview.

Tayah was loveky and very professional. I find these things very stressful but always hope i come across calm and relaxed.

After the interview we carried on walking and Tayah went back to her university ro tey and put together her radio piece.

Tayah then contacted me and asked for some input from Sarah. This is the first time she's been asked to do this and i'm not sure she was thrilled with the idea. But i think she did really well!

I think Tayah did an amazing job with the interview. Let us know what you think...

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