A bit of admin!

Our first subscriber newsletter. In this publication I discuss some of our plans, plans for publishing content moving forward and checking subscriber preferences.

A bit of admin!

Evening all…

I hope it’s okay contacting you like this, as I need to have a quick chat and let you know about some important stuff.


You previously signed up or subscribed to our emailing list on a previous website.

I would like to check if you still want to be subscribed and receive posts and newsletters from us by email?

How to unsubscribe…

If you don’t want to receive anything from us and remove your email address then please click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the very bottom of this email and follow the instructions.

The unsubscribe button will be at the bottom of every post and newsletter that you receive from us through the website so you can unsubscribe at any time

This obviously doesn’t include direct or private email exchange we may have.

Updating your preferences…

If you do want to remain subscribed, you can change your preferences whenever you like on the blog. Just click on the subscribe, sign up or membership links, and click on the sign in button then follow the instructions.

Moving forward…

From tomorrow we will be using our blog for usual evening updates and other ‘stuff’ that social media just isn’t designed for.

Why change from social media…

In all honesty it has always been our plan for a while.

One of the issues that we have had with social media, is that all the hard work, hours of writing and effort to capture (hopefully) some decent photographs, get lost in the black hole of the the social media ecosystem never to be seen again. That makes us sad.

All of us have a lot more to say and show you than we put on social media. Social media just isn’t designed for what we have to say and the type of content we want to offer people moving forward.

Moving forward…

This is the difficult bit and one we have spent weeks debating as a family.

Our hope and desire is to take our charity, adventure, autism/mental health challenges and work to the next level. The only way we can do this is with your support.


We have introduced a free website subscription that will cover the vast majority of what we produce, with the option to have content emailed directly to your inbox for viewing.

We are also offering a tiered system of memberships for additional content and perks including free gifts and direct access to ask questions (face to face by Zoom) or other similar platform

If you would like to see these options and give us some feedback or ideas, please let us know.

Reviewing what we offer in our membership section will be done regularly with your input. I want to make sure we are offering you what you actually what. We will also adjust the costs if and when needed.

This is not about being profitable, and never will be! But every little helps as we want to continue with our charity challenges if we can

Our costs…

We are currently paying £25 per month for the website and hosting. This gives us access to 3 email preference options that you can select on your account and 2 authors, Sarah and myself.

We have our email preference options set to the primary categories that we envisage using on our current charity adventure for 2023.

  1. Adventure
  2. Outdoors
  3. Everything else (charity autism, home education, family, personal… etc)

Upgrading website…

If we can get just 20 members we can upgrade the website to give more email preference options so that you can select the exact contact you would like to receive. Something like this.

  1. Subscriber newsletter
  2. Adventures
  3. Outdoors
  4. Autism (& mental health)
  5. Home education
  6. Charity
  7. Personal
  8. News & updates
  9. Other…

We will also be able to upgrade the theme (how the website looks and is organised) to make it easier to find content or resources


If you have got this far, thank you. Seriously thank you.

I hope you can give me some feedback and tell me what you think.