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Cookies help the website to function

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that live in the internet browser on your devices. Cookies get downloaded to your devices from websites that you visit.

What do cookies do?

Cookies allow your device(s) to be recognised by websites.

They are used by the majority of websites to make it easier and more efficient to move around the website.

For example, cookies are used when shopping online to recognise your device(s) (computer, smartphone etc.) and to keep you signed into your account as you move around the website adding items to your cart.

Where can I get more information about cookies?

The main website that I used for writing this cookie page is called All About Cookies, but there are loads of other websites that you can look at for more information.

These are some of the primary information sources that I looked at for help in writing this page.


How do I know which cookies are on my device(s)?

The web page below has instructions on how to view the cookies that are currently on your device(s).

If you have an account with us, you should be able to find ours in the list!

How can I remove cookies from my devices, including yours?

If you follow the instructions on the web page below you can delete all the cookies currently on your device(s).

You can also prevent cookies from being placed on your device(s) in the future by following these instructions.

What cookies do you use on your website?

On our website we use just one ‘non-tracking’ cookie.

This cookie has only one function; to keep you logged in as you move around the website so that you can access subscriber-only content.

This cookie is an ‘authorisation session cookie’ that lasts for 6 months before it removes itself.

The only information we can learn through the use of this cookie is the last time that you visited our website.

You can manually remove this cookie at any point from your internet browser by following the instructions above.

If you choose to subscribe to a paid membership, you will interact with an online payment processor. 

Our website uses Stripe as our online payment processor.

What about Stripe's cookies when joining a membership?

You will be subject to Stripe's Cookies when paying for a paid membership. Unfortunately, this is something that we have no control over, as when the payment is made you will be interacting with Stripe on their website.

This a good thing... because Stripe's website is more secure than ours, after all, they are an online payment processor!

We have no control or influence over Stripe cookies. Please make sure that you are happy with this before subscribing to a paid membership. For information on Stripe cookies, you can read their cookie policy here

Cookies on websites that you link to

We embed and link to content from third-party sites such as YouTube, Facebook and other websites throughout our site.

All of these websites may be using cookies. We have no control over their cookies or their cookie policy.

We advise you to read and understand the individual cookie policies before you view or interact with their website or view their content.

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