BBC Scotland conversation Connie McLaughlin

We were invited onto BBC Radio Scotland to discuss a play written to explore the complexities of using social media as a parent to raise awareness of disabilities.

BBC Scotland conversation Connie McLaughlin

I was invited to take part in a LIVE conversation on the Connie McLaughlin Sunday morning radio show with playwright Beth Westbrook, who wrote the play 'Awareness'.

The play explores some very challenging subjects around privacy and consent when involving children in raising awareness of disabilities on social media platforms.

The play is currently showing at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh.

If you want to skip to our discussion, it starts at 44.24.

Scotland’s new writing theatre, the Traverse champions creative talent by placing powerful and contemporary theatre at the heart of cultural life.
Awareness is showing at Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh

Due to BBC rules, the programme will only be available to listen to on BBC Sounds for one month.

Sunday Morning - with Connie McLaughlin - BBC Sounds
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Sunday Morning with Connie McLaughlin (BBC Radio Scotland on BBC Sounds)

I hope you enjoy and if you have any thoughts or feelings regarding this complex subject that Sarah and I struggle with, please let us know in the comments.

Thank you.