1st March 2022 - Dunnet Head

1st March 2022 - Dunnet Head

Today was awesome! We got to Dunnet Head, officially the most northerly point on mainland Britain. Dunnet Head is actually a RSPB Nature Reserve and the views from the cliffs were truly spectacular. We spent quite a long time (longer than we were planning to) at Dunnet Head exploring and admiring the views and lighthouse, that is now a private dwelling. If you get a chance you should visit, it’s worth it for the views over to the Orkney Islands! Whilst we were there we also dropped  off one of Eve’s painted rocks OSA Rocks on top of the trig point!

Eve – painted rock, Dunnet Head, 1st March 2022
Eve – Dunnet Head, 1st March 2022
Sarah, Ian & Eve – Dunnet Head, 1st March 2022

After this Sarah went back to the hotel and we continued walking. The walking today was hard, not because of the terrain, but because most of it was on minor roads and lanes. Anybody who has walked lots learns to hate walking on tarmac and concrete as it hurts knees and feet, and today was no exception! There is no good way to link Dunnet Head with John o’Groats so I plotted a simple route to keep off the main road as much as we could and go through some small hamlets. It was amazing how many people spoke to us and we even had an offer of a drink from a friendly man and his dog!

We managed to get about 3/4 of the way to John o’Groats so hopefully tomorrow will be a shorter day!

Eve – 1st March 2022
Eve – making friends with the sheep, 1st March 2022

The views out to sea and the coast were truly spectacular and got us more excited for the days to come when we hug the coastline a lot more.

We met sheep, cows and a dog that escaped from a house and walked with us for a short time, much to Eve’s excitement!

Sarah picked us up at the end of the day and we are now back to the hotel for the night. Tonight’s dinner was a pasty. Food always tastes so much better when you’re hungry and tired! Anyway, have a good night and I will try to make  another quick video at some point tomorrow. All the best, Ian & Eve

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